Communication in Covid Times: Fostering a Unique Relationship Between Students and Ships!

With all the challenges 2020 has brought the global community from school and business closures to restrictions in travel including seafarers essentially trapped onboard their ships, NAMEPA is immensely proud to have played a role in keeping spirits up and communication flowing during these times of social distancing and limited contact with family and friends.  Through our Adopt A Ship program, a free educational program, five classrooms throughout the United States have been corresponding weekly with ships sailing the ocean across the globe!

Each week the students email their questions via their teacher to the Captain or other senior officer aboard the ship.   This exchange has increased student’s knowledge of what it is like to live aboard a ship and how ships navigate through the waters using navigational charts. One ship sent an informative diagram and comparative image of a shark to explain symbols on a weather chart – “…the blue color with a triangular shape means a cold front and dangerous to navigation… the teeth of the shark..which is one of the most fearful fish in the ocean is similar to the blue triangular..”

Students also learned about different types of ships and how ships are built to specifications based on the type of cargo they will be transporting. Students learn about the culture of different ports each ship visits, the city of their port of origin, and much much more!   In return, the seafarers have enjoyed meeting (virtually) a diverse group of students and sharing their knowledge and love of the maritime field. The STI MAESTRO, through their participation the crew is “hoping that we inspired future generations by giving them an idea on how that we seafarers are pro-actively taking good care of our environment, our ocean, our seas.”

If you are interested in this free program, click here to learn more! 

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