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Marine Environment Protection Awards

Congratulations 2021 MEP Award Winners!

NAMEPA (North American Marine Environment Protection Association) annually recognizes companies, educators, associations, government agencies, academic institutions and individuals whose efforts support our mission to "Save Our Seas". Since our inception, NAMEPA has been engaging maritime businesses, educators, government and the public to "Save Our Seas" by promoting sound environmental practices. Previous recipients have included Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Maersk, APL, Teekay Corporation, the United States Coast Guard, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, National Geographic, NOAA and others.

2021 Award Winners

Dorian LPG

2021 Maritime Industry Marine Environment Protection Award

Port of Virginia

2021 Port Marine Environment Protection

New England Seafarers 

2021 Seafarers Ministry Marine Environment Protection Award

North American Association for Environmental Education

2021 Non-Profit Marine Environment Protection Award


2021 Environment Protectors Marine Environment Protection Award


Dr. Karen Purnell, Directing Manager, International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation, ITOPF

2021 Individual Marine Environment Protection Award


2021 Environmental Innovation Marine Environment Protection Award

Congressman Jim Himes

2021 Government Marine Environment Protection Award

Congratulations to our 2020 MEP Award Winners!

2020 MEP Winners

Academies, Harbor Schools and Universities Award: Sea Education Association


Environmental Award: Matson


Government, Federal, State or Local Agency Award: US Arctic Research Commission


Individual Award: Liz Burdock


Industry Award: MSC Cruises


Non-Profit Award: Ocean Voyages Institute


Port Award: Port Everglades


Seafarers Welfare Award: International Chamber of Shipping


  • Maritime Industry (to include ship owners, operators, charterers, shipyard, etc)
  • Government, Federal, State or Local Environmental Agency
  • Non-Profit Environmental Entity
  • Individual
  • Maritime Academies, Harbor Schools, Universities
  • Environmental Innovation
  • Seafarers Ministry (organizations and individuals may apply)
  • Port



  • Alignment with NAMEPA goals - “Save Our Seas”
  • Educational Benefit
  • Environmental Benefit
  • Innovation
  • Measurable Successes (objectives/targets) in improving protection of the marine environment


  • The Applicant’s commitment to preserving the marine environment through environmental protection initiatives;
  • New technologies/initiatives that mitigate damage to the marine environment;
  • Efforts (events, curriculum projects, etc.) in educating seafarers, students, port communities and children about the need for and strategies related to protecting the seas as an important global resource;
  • Any awards or recognition for marine environmental protection efforts; and
  • Efforts to increase public awareness on the importance of protecting the marine environment and marine ecosystems.

Media and Award inquiries: Carleen Lyden Walker +1 203 255 4686

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