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Maritime Environmental Protection & Awareness

About MEPA

This Marine Environmental Protection & Awareness program is about the maritime sector, shipping, ports and sustainability. It discusses a variety of subjects related to sustainable shipping and MARPOL regulations. This course invites the maritime sector and you, as a maritime professional, to get involved.

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Introducing the

The E-Modules Guide

Module 1

Sustainable Shipping & MARPOL

In this module, you will learn about shipping, ports and sustainability and the importance of complying with MARPOL regulations to prevent the pollution of the environment. Sustainability has become increasingly important and as a maritime professional you are guaranteed to come into contact with MARPOL regulations and sustainable shipping. This module introduces the concept of sustainability and the environmental challenges that will be addressed in the other e-learnings.

Module 2

Marine Environment

In this module, you will learn about marine ecology, the importance of the ocean, and the role the seas play in sustaining all life on our planet.

Module 3

Liquid Waste

In this module, you will learn about liquid waste: oil, chemicals and sewage. Like most sectors, the maritime sector produces waste. This module will prepare you in your role to help minimize the environmental impacts of liquid waste.

Module 4

Solid Waste

In this module, you will learn about how solid waste has become a major concern for the health of the planet, marine life and for human beings. This information will help you understand the issues of plastics and marine litter, guiding you to make decisions that will help improve the well-being of our world.

Module 5

Energy & Climate Change

In this module, you will learn about energy and climate change. Energy is used in many human activities and keeps our global economies running. However, the use of fossil fuels contributes to a serious environmental problem facing the world today: climate change.

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