Save Our Seas 

It's never too early to start caring for our planet! NAMEPA Jr. materials are meant to provide fundamental resources to students from Pre-K to 2nd Grade on ways to #SaveOurSeas. 

Contact our Education Team to discover how even our younger generations can become ocean stewards!

Exploring the Marine Environment Activity Book

You can download the Marine Environment Activity book for free or request hard copies for your student(s)! 

The Plastics Pledge

The first step to Save Our Seas is educating ourselves on what it means to keep our ocean healthy.

Just like we need to take care of ourselves to stay healthy, we must take care of the ocean so it can stay healthy. Take the NAMEPA Plastics Pledge together to help Save Our Seas!


All NAMEPA Education resources are complimentary. To receive hard copies, fill out the contact form here.

Interested in NAMEPA visiting your classroom physically or virtually? Contact our Education Team at 

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