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NAMEPA and Girl Scout Troop give back to their community!

NAMEPA’s education and outreach team presented “Talking Trash” to local Girl Scout Troop 50440 of Newtown, CT. 

Participants learned about the origin of waterborne trash, how long items persist in the environment, effects on aquatic organisms and the ecosystem.  After a fun game of “How Long Does It Take” in which the Scouts had to put common marine debris in order of shortest time to breakdown to longest, the girls adorned gloves and set about to clean up the waters and beach of Eichler’s Cove.

In total 6 pounds of trash was recovered with the plastic bottle caps, plastic bottles, broken glass, and different types of tape being the most common items found.  NAMEPA is looking forward to future events with the Girls Scouts!   



Did you know NAMEPA’s Education Resources are part of the Girl Scout Mariner 21st Century Guidelines Toolkit and are a valuable resource for the Eco Learner Badge?!  Check it out here!

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