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NAMEPA Partner Programs 

NAMEPA partners with organizations across the globe! With a mission to Save the Seas through educating on protecting the marine environment and promoting marine industry best practices and industry career pathways, NAMEPA has engaged with diverse partners on building interactive programs, digital media and education material. Our collaborative work with educators and students has allowed many new programs to be developed and delivered to communities throughout North America.  We welcome new partners and exciting projects to foster a  balance between commerce and conservation!

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Marine Environment Protectors & Community Stewards Program

NAMEPA has received funding from corporate member, Cargill, to implement the Marine Environment Protectors and Community Stewards Program as an afterschool enrichment program for youth in grades 6-8 in underserved communities in the greater Miami area to educate and activate students to be Marine Environment Protectors. The NAMEPA Marine Environment Protectors and Community Stewards Program's goal is to provide educational services related to marine science, ocean literacy, human impacts on water quality and ocean health, and post-secondary education and career exploration opportunities to students who rarely access their coastline for enrichment activities. 

Marine Environmental Awareness and MARPOL Compliance Training Program - Territory of Guam

NAMEPA has been tasked to develop an interactive, multi-faceted environmental educational program that supports and promotes MARPOL compliance by seafarers and port leadership including maritime industry-related staff across all employee levels for the Guam Region. This program is designed, in partnership with ProSea Marine Education, to educate, inspire, motivate and empower the participant to protect the marine environment, to comply with all regulations and to be proactive in using best practices. It also underscores the valuable role played by the maritime industry an important to global society both on land and at sea.

The implementation of this marine environmental awareness and MARPOL compliance program for seafarers, and shoreside personnel, focuses on understanding the marine environment, the importance of compliance with environmental regulations in the maritime industry and the benefit of actively participating in protecting the marine environment on a daily basis will show that educating all personnel levels using a wholistic approach benefits, and has a great influence locally and globally on compliance with regulations and in reducing human impacts on the environment. This program is made possible through a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)

Port of Los Angeles Community Grants Program

Inspiring Marine Environment Protectors Program

Our partnership with The Port of Los Angeles helped develop NAMEPA’s Planet and Ocean Discovery Series (PODS) – Coastal Habitats Program, educating students in grades 6-8 on ocean literacy. The Port of Los Angeles Grant program provides an avenue for organizations like NAMEPA to build and deploy education programs and engage with the local community about the importance of preserving the marine environment and in efforts to ‘Save Our Seas’.”

NAMEPA has received funding to continue PODS with the newest addition, Open Ocean. Through this funding, NAMEPA will create a virtual and interactive program directed to educators and students in grade 3-8 in the LA port community. 

View our Planet and Ocean Discovery series here.

Inspiring Marine Environment Protectors and Community Stewards

This immersive program aims to increase ocean literacy among the participants through hands-on education utilizing the natural environment, scientific instrumentation, and classroom instruction.  Topics include water quality, marine debris, biodiversity, the changing climate and how through changing one habitat we can change the world.  Lessons are tailored to the needs and interests of the participants with the goal of delivering a comprehensive educational unit.

Marine Education Sponsor

Port Houston has been a sponsor of NAMEPA's education materials for three years. The lessons, activities and programs are offered to Houston area educators to educate students on protecting the marine environment and introduce marine industry career pathways. Lessons include topics such as marine debris, the changing climate and actions to help Save Our Seas. Lessons are designed for ease of use delivering a complete educational unit and can be used as a single lesson or in conjunction with the supplemental material to enhance your curriculum.


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