Bridging Maritime
Commerce and Conservation


We aim to bring together industry professionals, students, communities, seafarers, conservationists, and regulators to promote responsible practices.


We empower the industry and propel workforce development towards a more sustainable future.


We provide vital support to the maritime industry in achieving its goals, emphasizing a commitment to industry advancement.

Empowering Industry Best Practices

We champion responsible practices within the maritime sector. Through our resources, industry programs, and events, we provide a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and development of sustainable maritime industry best practices.

NAMEPA hosts regular Marine Industry Events throughout the year. These events bring together industry leaders, students, conservationists, and regulators to discuss, develop, and implement sustainable strategies and operational practices that protect the marine environment. From regional seminars to national conferences, there’s an opportunity for everyone to participate in the conversation.

Upcoming Events:

When it comes to facilitating ESG integration our NAMEPA Maritime Sustainability Passport ® (MSP) Program equips companies with the tools and framework to incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies into their core operations. The program fosters Corporate Citizenship, Environmental Stewardship, and strong Leadership/Governance practices.

Benefits include:

  • Increased effectiveness in ESG performance
  • Enhanced stakeholder visibility
  • Positive global impact & social license


“We participated in the MSP Program because it is crucial to underscore our commitment to the environment and enhance our company’s integrity. These programs help us elevate our standards and align with international expectations.”Maritime Procurement Services

“The MSP Program is a complex verification which gives us an opportunity to review our standards and see if they are enough to reach ESG standards. It is our ambition to be the leading company in our industry. To have the MSP Seal is a great opportunity to show our clients that we are a trustful company, well organized with implemented high environmental protection and social standards.” – Siem Ship Management

This course invites the maritime sector and you, as a maritime professional, to get involved by discussing subjects related to sustainable shipping and MARPOL regulations. This program underscores the valuable role played by the maritime industry as important to global society both on land and at sea. 

Broken down into 5 E-learning modules, participants explore sustainable shipping and the importance of the marine environment by outlining how liquid waste, solid waste, energy and climate change impact the marine environment. 

NAMEPA’s MARPOL guide and webinar series was developed to assist seafarers and shoreside personnel to better understand MARPOL regulations, why regulations are needed to preserve the marine environment, and how to better comply.

Check out our Webinar Series on YouTube!

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