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Connecting your classroom to the marine industry!

What is it?

The Adopt A Ship program is a free, engaging, sustainable, and well-developed educational  tool that allows students to connect with the marine industry while learning geography, culture, marine operations, communication skills, environmental conservation, the important role seafarers play in shipping as well as introducing the wide variety of career opportunities available to them in the shipping industry. 

How does it work?

Versions of the Adopt A Ship program vary from country to country. The basic program consists of:

▪ Senior officers on board the vessel exchange weekly emails with the classrooms via the teacher for 6-8 weeks
▪ Classrooms are provided a world map with trade lanes to visualize what they are learning and track the ship
▪ The program can be expanded to include tests, in person visits, video calling, and completion certificates

Ready to enroll your school, after-school program, or organization in the Adopt a Ship Program? Fill out this form.

Ready to enroll your ship and crew in the Adopt a Ship Program? Fill out this form.

The “Adopt a Ship” Program was initiated by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, (CSC), and the Cyprus Maritime Environmental Protection Association, (CYMEPA), in 2006 to bring together the Elementary Schools and Seafarers on board ships operated by CSC Members. The program expanded into the Philippines, Poland, India and Greece 2017. More than 70 ships now participate in the Cyprus program. More than 30 ships are participating in the Poland program. More than 4,500 children participated in Manila in 2018. To learn more about the program and download a program flyer, please visit the Cyprus "Adopt a Ship" Program page or connect on Facebook: “Adopt A Ship International.”

For more information on how to get your school or organization involved,
please contact our Education Team at

“The captain of the ship would answer my student's questions with great details and even provided images for them.  They really enjoyed corresponding with the captain, being able to track a real ship out there in the ocean, and being able to learn about their life at sea, and how they did their part to take care of the ocean.”

Mrs. Mendez, Sullivan Environmental Science Academy

“Here on board STI Maestro… we are happy in our own very small way to touch and inspire the hearts of our young generation… giving them an idea on how that we seafarers are pro-actively taking good care of our environment, our ocean, our seas.”

Captain Alfredo P. Sequin, Jr. and Crew of the STI Maestro


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