Planet and Ocean Discovery Series

The Planet & Ocean Discovery Series

The Planet and Ocean Discovery Series (PODS) have been developed as a completely virtual,  downloadable,  environmentally-based learning series in an effort to reach a broader audience by bringing Marine Science into your classroom. Each POD provides the information and tools necessary to deliver a complete educational unit and can be used as a single lesson or collectively with supplemental material to enhance curriculum.  These interdisciplinary lessons are suitable for all learning levels and are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Ocean Literacy Principles.

Did You Know?

In nature, pods are integrated yet self-contained units that encompass all the necessary parts to mature into a complete functioning plant. These small pods contain all the genetic information and nutrients needed to nurture and grow an entire plant over time. Nature’s successful pods design inspired the format for our own educational PODS.

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What's included:

  • Overview of Key Topics
    • Habitats & Adaptations
    • Environmental Importance
    • The Changing Climate 
    • Shipping & Navigation
  • Learning Objectives
  • Next Generation Science Standards (K-12)
  • Key vocabulary 
  • Fact sheets on select species and natural phenomena
  • Downloadable activities

Choose your PODS!

Coastal Habitats: Where Land and Ocean Meet

Explore Coastal Habitats, delving into topics like diverse coastal environments and the adaptive strategies marine life employs, including fascinating symbiotic relationships. These habitats serve as critical wave energy absorbers, coral reef protectors, and biodiversity hubs, highlighting their pivotal role in sustaining marine ecosystems. Examine the impact of ocean acidification on coastal habitats, a pressing concern tied to climate change. Finally, discuss regulations governing shipping and navigation in these regions, underscoring their importance in mitigating marine pollution and preserving the health of coastal ecosystems.

Open Ocean

The open ocean is a vast and mysterious realm, teeming with life and divided into distinct zones based on light: the sunlight zone, twilight zone, and deep zone. We also included the polar regions: the Arctic and Antarctica. Each zone harbors its own unique ecosystems and marine species, showcasing the incredible adaptability of life in the ocean. In this exploration, we will journey through these zones, uncovering their what makes each so unique, the adaptive strategies marine life employs, and the challenges they face. Additionally, we will discuss the impact of the changing climate on these habitats. Finally, we will explore what shipping & navigation looks like in these unique habitats.

Inland Waterways:  COMING SOON

The inland waterways provide habitat for a variety of unique and often endangered species while providing humans with a multitude of ecosystems services.  In the Inland Waterways POD we highlight unique ecosytems.  Each of these contain information, activities, lesson plans, NGSS alignment, activities and multimedia on the following topics: Habitat and Adaptations, Environmental Importance, The Changing Climate and Shipping/Navigation.   Emphasizing these four topics provides a fundamental background on each inland waterway ecosystem in the context of real-world application.

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