The Little Bulker

Order the Maritime Best Seller Children's Book NOW!

Launched at the 15th Anniversary of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), "The Little Bulker" is a children's book that educates children about the maritime industry.  Ms. Shaw has generously donated half the proceeds from the book to NAMEPA to support its educational programs.

“The Little Bulker” chronicles the construction of a dry bulk carrier in Japan, accompanied by details on what the ship carries, its components, size, and launching.  Further, it is an “eco” ship, which is a critical feature in the effort to reduce Maritime’s impact on the environment.  There is also a QR code for readers to follow the voyages of a dry bulk ship named “Athena”, which is trading today.

With the holidays coming, “The Little Bulker” makes the perfect gift, so be sure to get your order in!

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