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Education is the first step to Save Our Seas!

NAMEPA’s mission is to educate seafarers, students, and the public on marine environments, marine pollution, and the maritime industry.

We work to educate students of all ages on the necessary balance between commerce and conservation, and inspire students to use this knowledge to become better ocean stewards!

Educational Resources

NAMEPA’s array of educational materials can be utilized by students, educators, parents, seafarers, and industry professionals. Our three NGSS-aligned curriculum guides provide interactive lessons for educators to adapt to their own classroom. Our activity book, flyers, and handouts can be used by anyone to educate others on the marine environment, marine pollution and how to prevent it, and the maritime industry.

“Wow, the NAMEPA curriculum guide packet is great! I would have asked for that sooner had I known it is available.  My students are making use of a few of the reference items as well as enjoying seeing the calendar with the winning artwork from last year. “       

K-8 Teacher, West Coast USA

Register to download or request copies of our educational materials! Select resources available in English, Spanish, and French!

Student Opportunities

Start a Chapter

NAMEPA’s high school and college chapter program allows students to “advocate, educate, and activate” for the marine environment by organizing projects to spread our mission, with the guidance and support of NAMEPA staff and materials. Get involved by planning a beach clean-up or education program!

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NAMEPA’s internship program allows students to gain experience in environmental conservation, education, the maritime industry, non-profit management, and marketing. We provide immersive experiences to connect students to the professional world, with a mission to Save Our Seas. Compensation, schedule flexibility, and remote work may be available.

Creating social media content for NAMEPA motivated me to learn more about environmental issues facing the ocean and marine life. Among other things, my experience at NAMEPA has inspired me to change my personal habits regarding plastic/water use and made me ever-the-more interested in environmental protection. Thank you again for this opportunity!   

 Natalie O’Hern, 2020 NAMEPA Education Intern

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NAMEPA provides the materials and insight to connect those with a passion for the marine environment and the maritime industry to find a meaningful career, network with other professionals, and foster discussion to Save Our Seas. We work to balance commerce and conservation by supporting careers that rely on and protect our ocean.

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Join NAMEPA to help us advocate preserving the marine environment by promoting marine industry best practices.

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