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NAMEPA Announces New Member P Ship Systems

Innovative and Extraordinary Efforts to Preserving the Marine Environment

November 24, 2020–– Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), announced Wednesday that P Ship Systems Ltd., has become a corporate member of NAMEPA.

“We are so pleased to welcome such an innovative company as NAMEPA’S newest member,” Walker expressed.  “P Ship Systems is committed to providing clean cooking and drinking water for those aboard vessels, thus reducing shipboard plastic. We are very excited to have their help in advancing our mission to preserve the marine environment and promote sustainable marine industry best practices.”

P Ship Systems offer innovative on-board production of clean drinking and cooking water solutions for ocean-going vessels and offshore platforms using the latest research methods and solutions. They are in line with NAMEPA’s guidelines and goals for a sustainable industry, helping to keep the environment and ocean clean by helping shipping companies reduce GHGs, comply with MLC 2006, have significant savings and simplify WSPs management and associated costs.

“We chose to become members to enhance NAMEPA’s environmental stewards for preserving the marine environment via best practices on drinking water onboard vessels, to educate and to fully enlighten its shipping company members on how to specifically stop using plastic bottled water onboard vessels by taking advantage of their existing ship infrastructure, to eliminate the need for plastic water bottles onboard and all the problems associated with plastics and to thus protect seafarers, reduce GHGs in the air, waste in the ocean and on the ship, and to eliminate waste management charges,” said Giorgos Kyriazis, P Ship Systems liaison to NAMEPA.

Photo: Giorgos Kyriazis, P Ship Systems Ltd. Associate and Liaison to NAMEPA


P Ship Systems mission is to protect Seafarers, Environment, and the Sea, while saving money to shipping companies. We work with commercial shipping fleets (retrofits sailing worldwide and new-buildings). We help vessels easily, fast, real cost-effectively, by complying with/over-exceeding regulations to get rid of plastic bottled water onboard, to have a great and always freshly produced drinking-and cooking- water, 24 hours a day (utilizing their existing vessel-generated water/infrastructure), to stop waste management charges, protect people onboard and the environment, reduce GHGs and save money and resources. With distribution centres in Barcelona, Athens, Rotterdam, Houston, UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore to better support maritime clients.

The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) was officially launched in 2007.  NAMEPA is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources.  For more information, go to

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