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NATO Opens a Window to the Maritime Industry

Earlier this month, it was my honor to be invited to join select maritime industry leaders to participate in NATO’s High Level Shipping Engagement held at NATO’s Allied Maritime Command headquarters in Northwood, UK. We met with senior NATO leadership who expressed keen interest in the many aspects of maritime security.

I framed my presentation around what I consider to be the critical elements of maritime security: national security, economic security, energy security, climate security and workforce security.  NATO leadership shared with the assembled their interest in collaboration and open lines of communication in key intersectional areas.

In today’s turbulent geopolitical times, fragile climate, and the need to keep alert to threats and opportunities, it was reassuring to know that awareness and communication about our shared spheres of influence and challenges is an important factor to this group, whose mission is to keep us safe and trade flowing.

March 09th 2023, MARCOM HQ welcomes the 5th annual high level shipping leaders engagement with Maritime Command.
VADM M.Utley, COM MARCOM, VADM D.Piaton (DCOM MARCOM) and J.Bergeron (MARCOM POLAD) speak and exchange with the shipping leaders to maintain and develop contact and communication with the high level of the shipping industry and NATO maritime part.
NATO photo FRAN S.Dzioba

Bravo zulu, NATO Allied Maritime Command!

Keep optimizing,

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