NAMEPA Partners with AltaSea and Los Angeles Unified School District

This summer, NAMEPA took to Zoom with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to discover what our ocean has to offer. NAMEPA educators and LAUSD students met weekly to discuss all things marine such as how ecosystems operate, the delicate balance of coastal habitats, their unique resiliency, and what we can do to help protect these regions. Students in grades 3-5 were introduced to the ecological importance of three coastal habitats: wetlands, mangroves, and coral reef ecosystems. We dove into the world of biodiversity in these functional habitats, including the impacts as well as the solutions, progressing the understanding of what it means to save our seas. Each lesson included hands-on activities to keep the students engaged, even through the virtual barrier, with accessibility features like raising their hands or using the chat function. Eager to participate, these students developed the basic fundamentals to appreciate and protect marine life. 


The program developed from scaffolding introductory topics such as how ecosystems function and the unique feeding patterns scientists study into learning about three distinct coastal habitats. From there, we considered the qualities of a healthy environment, what it means for a climate to be changing, and the ways each student can help mitigate unsustainable practices. As a coastal community, NAMEPA helped lay the foundation for a future of learning in marine science in Los Angeles. The specific topic of marine ecosystems is a topic seldom discussed in-depth with students at this age, but this 5-week course did just that.  


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