Disruption in Maritime Industry Prompts High Participation, Support for NAMEPA Houston Conference

Photo: Joe Hughes, CEO and President, The American Club and NAMEPA Chairman

HOUSTON, TX – February 24, 2020 – Uncertainty and disruption in the maritime industry has drawn unprecedented support from corporate sponsors to The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA)’s upcoming annual Houston Maine Operations Conference, “A New Decade:  How Will It All Work?”  More industry executives than ever before are expected to attend the event, which will take place on March 3, 2020 at the headquarters of the West Gulf Maritime Association (WGMA) in Houston from 1130 to 1800hrs. Hosted by the WGMA, the conference is designed to help companies navigate the implications of changes happening in the industry and what actions can be taken now to position maritime for future success. NAMEPA has also secured a record number of sponsors for the annual Houston seminar – the highest amount since the first event was kicked off in 2010.

Sponsors of the March 3rd seminar include ABS, The American Club, Blank Rome LLP, DNV-GL, Dorian LPG, Fairfield Chemical Carriers, GTT North America, HudsonAnalytix, Navios, Purify Fuel, Rightship, Scorpio, SHIPPINGInsight, SMIT, The Viswa Group and West Gulf Maritime Association.

“We are so pleased to see an unprecedented amount of support for the NAMEPA conference this year as there are many changes happening in the industry that could change our future substantially” stated NAMEPA Chairman Joe Hughes, also CEO and President of the American Club.  “NAMEPA’s seminar provides an excellent platform for examining these changes and solutions for achieving success in this critical area.”

Robert Hawn, Maritime Affairs Director of the event’s host West Gulf Maritime Association (WGMA), will welcome the delegates followed by Dr. Maria Burns of the University of Houston who will illuminate what the next decade portends.  A series of speakers will set the stage for the event including Joe Hughes, CEO of the American Club and Chairman of NAMEPA, who will present on “Searching for strategies to meet challenges of a new decade”; Captain Kevin Oditt of the U.S. Coast Guard, who will advise on “What the Industry Should Expect;” and Keith LeTourneau, Partner at Blank Rome LLC, who will discuss “Pitfalls to Avoid in Changing Times.” Gareth Burton, Vice President of Technology, ABS, will also speak on “Maritime Solutions,” and Chris Cannon, Environmental Director for Port of Los Angeles, will address “What Ports Are Doing for Environmental Management.”

Panel discussion topics will feature “Plugging the Leaks in Maritime” moderated by Douglas Martin, President and General Manager of Smit Salvage; and “Reducing Shipping’s Environmental Impact, moderated by Jan Hagen Anderson, Business Development Director, DNV. Confirmed panelists include Cynthia Hudson, CEO of Hudson Cyber/HudsonAnalytix; Dr. Ram Vis, Chairman of Viswa Group; Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer of SHIPPINGInsight; Professor Ryan Vechan of Texas A&M University, Galveston; Captain Anuj Chopra, Vice President, Americas, Rightship; John Caroll, CEO of Purify Fuels, Inc.; Aziz Bamik, General Manager of GTT North America, and River Bennett, Project Manager at Nuclear Innovation Alliance.

To register for the conference and view agenda details, visit: https://namepa.net/namepa-houston-marine-operations-conference/

The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) was officially launched in 2007.  NAMEPA is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources.  For more information, go to www.namepa.net.

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