MARPOL OPERATION: COMPLIANCE – Tools for Effective Environmental Compliance


Tools for Effective Environmental Compliance

The Marine Environment

Over 70% of the world's surface is covered by ocean. The ocean is very important to all kinds of life, including humans. It provides food, oxygen, helps the climate, and is a source of money for many people. 

Environmental Regulations

The shipping industry is working to reduce its impact on the marine environment. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) helps to create rules to prevent pollution caused by ships. There are many rules that work to create a cleaner future for shipping. 

Impacts of Shipping on the Marine Environment

Shipping is the most energy efficient form of transportation! However, shipping does still cause harm to the environment. The environmental impact of shipping mostly comes from emissions from ships. 

Compliance & Enforcement

Compliance is important in reducing the environmental impact of shipping on the marine environment. Compliance is also required by law and the right thing to do. By enforcing shipping regulations, shipping can be safe, sustainable, and fun.

Non-Compliance & Reporting Methods

It is important to report a situation that you believe has violated MARPOL. There are many options to report non-compliance with MARPOL, including within your company or outside the company.  

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