Mission Statement

Caribbean Marine Environment Protection Association (CARIBMEPA), was formed in 2018 with a mission to be a consolidator for marine environment issues and actions in the Caribbean; an umbrella for engaging industry, regulators, governments, conservation groups, educators and more in protecting the marine environment; Act as a focal point for facilitating the implementation of MARPOL in the Caribbean; Educate the public about protecting the marine environment


There is a great deal of awareness around the vulnerability of the Wider Caribbean Region to risks from marine pollution and the lack of implementation of tools to reduce those risks which include:

Tourism plays a larger role in Caribbean economy than any other world economy:

  • 80 cents to the dollar comes from tourism
  • 700,000 jobs directly and 2.2 million jobs indirectly in Caribbean
  • Travel/tourism total contribution to 2016 Caribbean GDP USD 56.4 billion

MARPOL Regulation Compliance status:

  • 86% of nations in the WCR have ratified MARPOL
  • Only 25% have implemented
  • Caribbean is vulnerable to environmental damage due to negligent actors and lack of regulatory implementation

CARIBMEPA Work Programs

CARIBMEPA has partnered with organizations in the region to support the protection of the Caribbean marine environment through activities such as: 

  • Facilitate development of legislation and strategies for implementing MARPOL and response, working with RAC/REMPEITC-Caribe
  • Support the development of a MARPOL Training Academy at the Caribbean Maritime University
  • Facilitate a potentially polluting wreck prioritization program
  • Participate in development of regional waste disposal strategies
  • Educate the public- Beach cleanups, school education projects, art contests, etc.

Get Involved!

April 21st, 2023 - S&R EXPLORE

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An avant-garde public conference with young people and private and public actors in Martinique to explore the development opportunities offered by innovative projects compatible with the preservation of health and the planet.


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