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USCG Auxiliary Division 9 Adopts a Shoreline

  Photo by Sankey Blanton
Photo by Sankey Blanton

On 03 March, three members of Division 9, braved a brisk and windy but sunny morning to pick up trash and litter along a segment of shoreline at the New Hope Overlook ramps on Jordan Lake.  Perry Taylor, 09-11, Sankey Blanton, 09-08, and Jim Frei, 09-11 spent about 90 minutes tromping through shrubs, woods, riprap, and briers retrieving trash that accumulates along the shoreline.  With high winds blowing directly into the cove, a big load of trash was expected, but a lot less was found.  This same segment of shoreline was picked over last November when the lake level was down four feet, so a lot of trash had already been removed.  Only three bags were collected during this event.  We have observed that less trash is accumulating along this shoreline over the past several years.  However, we are still seeing too much styrofoam.  The Division 9 segment does not get a lot of bank fishermen, so we don’t see much abandoned fishing line or plastic bait cups.

Division 9 has been participating in the Clean Jordan Lake organization’s adopt-a-shoreline program since 2013.  We are one of 25 groups that have adopted a segment (typically about 1 mile of shoreline) along Jordan Lake with the commitment to remove trash three times a year.  The CJL organization provides trash bags, grabbers, work gloves, and a group sign.  This event supports the Auxiliary’s marine safety & environmental protection mission, and is another opportunity for some fellowship.

USCG Auxiliary encourages more Division 9 members to participate.  Our next adopt-a-shoreline event is 23June @ 1000 hrs.  Participants can record 70N hours on the 7030 form for this activity.  With a few more folks, we can extend our segment a little further into the cove.

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