Global Diving and Salvage Fills a Tall Order

A Tall Order – The Scuttle of the Nash

Article Courtesy of Global Diving and Salvage

 Photo:  Global Diving and Salvage
Photo:  Global Diving and Salvage

Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. responds to emergencies worldwide. Although no two marine casualties are ever exactly alike, most have the same goal – to get a distressed vessel out of the water or back to sailing, one way or another. However, the Nash was one that turned convention on its head, in more ways than one.

In June 2014, the 260-foot long barge Nash was being towed from Mexico to Canada. It held a cargo of magnesium chloride, a non-hazardous derivative of seawater. The barge began taking on water just off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA.

Water began entering the Nash at the stern, causing the rear of the vessel to sink.  CONTINUE READING HERE

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