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ORGANIZE a Green Tailgate Event in your area!

The Green Tailgate Event Program is designed to provide students with a Fun, Active, Educational opportunity to learn about responsible use of plastics and offers alternatives to current practices! This program builds awareness of the importance of the marine environment empowering youth to

Change One Habit, Change the World

Benefits of hosting a Green Tailgate Event:

  • Gain awareness on WHY the marine environment is important 
  • Learn about HOW to use plastics responsibly 
  • Engage in physical activity while learning 
  • Become an Environmental Steward 

Event Details:
Event serves variable number of participants (50-250)
Event runs 2-3 hours with activities such as:

  • Introduction on marine environment awareness
  • Food/beverage (may be served) designed to engage, using responsibly sourced food and products 
  • Play "Food Web Jenga," to discover what happens when you remove species from the marine food web
  • Test your physical ability as you "Recycle on the Run" through an obstacle course 
  • Discover how long your plastic water bottle lives through "A Trashy Timeline" game 
  • Navigate to the safety of a coral reef in "Sharks and Turtles Bean Bag Toss" 
  • Finish with Action Steps and Certificate

Already Participated?

If you have already participated, please complete our survey. Your responses will benefit future events.

Don't forget to sign the Plastic Pledge! This is your commitment decrease plastic ocean pollution and help Save Our Seas!

Our Partnership

North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) is embarking on a new partnership with the Ovie Mughelli Foundation (OMF) to further our aligned goals of protecting the marine environment through educating youth and communities about environmental stewardship!

NAMEPA, a non-profit organization promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the importance of protecting the marine environment. NAMEPA is committed to Save Our Seas through educational programs building environmental stewardship in youth and communities throughout North America and the world!

OMF is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and empower youth to save and sustain the environment through sports programs, gaming tools and “green hero” based comics. Ovie Mughelli is a former NFL player who is on a mission to educate underserved youth about the environment and on being leaders.


Submit your school information or become a sponsor! 
Contact: to explore opportunities! 


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