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Promote Ocean Literacy from Home!

A Letter from NAMEPA Co-Founder and Executive Director

One of the many challenges we are facing with the COVID-19 virus is the closing of schools in order to mitigate the impacts of the virus on our communities. For many, this means trying to work remotely while maintaining the intellectual curiosity and engagement of our children. As a Mother of two (now grown) children, I recall how the first snow day (in the northeast of the United States) there was excitement, shoveling, and playing. The second day was more mundane. The third day…???

As a global community, we will conquer the COVID-19 virus. How great would it be if we can help to Save Our Seas in the process? If you are a parent with students/children at home, or know one, we hope that our Parent Survival Series is helpful! Also, please share your ideas—we are all in this together!

Stay well—AND sane!

Best always,

Carleen and the NAMEPA Team

Survival Series
NAMEPA wants to support parents during this challenging time by providing you with weekly activities for students K-12 that will not only enrich your child’s education, but also broadens their interest in the marine environment. To support ocean literacy, we will supply:

  • Simplified weekly lesson plans 
  • Activities that re-enforce ocean literacy learning
  • Excitement the entire family can participate in

Don't forget to follow NAMEPA’s Facebook page where we will be targeting a specific activity or area of engagement for you to further explore.

Click the link below to view the weekly email lesson plan! 

Parent Survival Series Week 1 Lesson Plan

Parent Survival Series Week 2 Lesson Plan

Parent Survival Series Week 3 Lesson Plan

Parent Survival Series Week 4 Lesson Plan

Parent Survival Series Week 5 Lesson Plan

Parent Survival Series Week 6 Lesson Plan

Parent Survival Series Week 7 Lesson Plan

Additional Free Resources to Download 

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