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Raising the Stakes

 In the not-so-distant future the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will release its latest draft vessel general permit (VGP), sometimes known as VGP 3.0. The draft will be the agency’s latest permutation in an ongoing effort to regulate discharges from vessels,…

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Redefining Leadership

Seaman James Derek Lovelace died after participating in a U.S. Navy SEAL training exercise earlier this year. He was treading water, in uniform, with his boots and mask filled with water, while being splashed, yelled at and allegedly dunked by…

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Plastic Island

On the beach lies a motorcycle helmet, a mannequin's head, an umbrella handle and a flip-flop. They didn't fall from a plane or off a ship, and there aren't any civilians living here who could have left them behind. They were…

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New Ship Efficiency Portal Launched

At the World Ocean Council’s Sustainable Ocean Summit on Wednesday, Carbon War Room, exactEarth, and University Maritime Advisory Service (UMAS) launched BetterFleet, a free-to-access ship operational efficiency portal on Based on similar data and methods used by the IMO to…

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