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With rising pressures to take global action to combat climate change, sustainability is a top concern for maritime shipping stakeholders.

About this Webinar

 Veson Nautical and The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) will host a panel discussion with stakeholders from multiple perspectives in the industry to discuss:

  • Challenges of sustainability in maritime
  • Importance of collaboration in meeting these challenges
  • Role of technology to empower sustainable decisions within the maritime industry

Why Attend?

  • Learn about the sustainability focus and approach Veson Nautical and NAMEPA are taking to help maintain our natural environment in the maritime industry.

  • Explore the sustainability impacts that affect all people in maritime and how these impacts should be collaboratively addressed.
  • Discover the critical questions and problems that need to be solved to make sustainability accessible and actionable for the maritime industry.

  • Hear from maritime industry professionals speak to why sustainability should be a focus, where they see the future of maritime sustainability, and more.

Meet Our Presenters


Carleen Lyden Walker

Co-Founder and Executive Director 


Valeria Surk

Product Specialist
Veson Nautical

About Veson

The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) is the market’s leading platform for freight and fleet management. Focused exclusively on the maritime space, VIP provides maritime decision makers everything they need to ensure their digital investment delivers value long into the future.

  • Built on reliable business logic that has run leading maritime operations for nearly two decades.
  • Agile, cloud-based architecture for global access, advanced data sharing, and seamless integration.

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