Maritime Adventures Board Game


The Maritime Adventures Board Game's purpose is to increase student engagement and awareness of the maritime industry. Students will explore environmental awareness, best maritime practices through NAMEPA corporate members, and learn about career opportunities by playing this game. 

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The Maritime Adventures Board Game's will be made available to our education partners, associations, schools, and other K-12 programs across North America. 

To request your copy, please complete the form below. Games will be received in December 2022. 

Thank you to NAMEPA's Maritime Adventures Board Game sponsor, The Pasha Group for making this game accessible to students. 


NAMEPA's Maritime Adventures Board Game was developed by the NAMEPA Education Team: 

  • Molly Dushay, Education & Outreach Director
  • Meghan Reilly, Education & Outreach Associate
  • Thomas Harris, Graphic Designer
  • Teagan Church, Education Intern Summer 2022
  • Valeria Herrera, Education Intern Summer 2022
  • Ryan Berkowitz, Education Intern Summer 2022
  • Madeline Lojko, Education Intern Summer 2022
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