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Welcome to the NAMEPA CSR/ESG Tool Kit

NAMEPA has created the CSR/ESG Program to further promote sustainable maritime industry best practices. The goal of the Tool Kit is to provide resources to the marine industry as a whole and specifically to companies and individuals who strive to lean forward and engage in Corporate Social Responsibility/ Environmental Social Governance and play a role in creating a sustainable global environment, society and economy.

The resources available in the Tool Kit are provided by our members, partners and topic experts.  The Tool Kit is organized to provide information on the concept of CSR/ESG practices. It is then divided into Six Transparency Pillars to match the program layout. There is an additional section for related information.

We encourage participants to use the Tool Kit as a resource for continuous improvement on CSR/ESG goals, technical access, connections and networking. The goal of the CSR/ESG Program is to provide a basis for the maritime industry to pass assessment and receive the Maritime Sustainability Passport (MSP) from NAMEPA on an annual basis, building the impact of the industry as a key player in the goals to reach a sustainable global society!

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