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Corporate Social Responsibility


Environmental, Social & Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility / Environmental, Social & Governance

NAMEPA maritime sustainability program offers a vehicle to incorporate CSR/ESG strategies including:

  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Leadership/Governance

Program Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Stakeholder Visibility
  • Positive Global Impact & Social License

Special thanks to ESGPLUS for the collaboration with this program

The program is offered to NAMEPA members at no cost to participate and qualify for the Maritime Sustainability Passport (MSP) and receive the MSP Seal.

The fee for non-members is:

  • Companies – $3,000
  • NGO's – $1,500
  • Individuals – $300
  • For all Teachers, Students & Seafarers, this program is free (upon proof of ID)

Note: If you choose to join NAMEPA at the corresponding membership rate, the fee will be waived.

The MSP Seal will be valid for a period of one year. After one year, you will receive an email from NAMEPA to renew your MSP Seal. The price of renewing your MSP seal is $1,000 – company rate, NGO’s $ 500, Individuals, $125 and the program must be completed again.

There is no better time than now!

NAMEPA Maritime Sustainability Passport seal

Upon completion, participants will receive a  Maritime Sustainability Passport  and MSP Seal. The MSP Seal will be used to signify the participant met, or exceeded, the benchmarks for NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG program. The program offers basic guidelines for the maritime industry along with a Tool Kit for achieving these guidelines and developing best practices using CSR/ESG principles.

Companies & Individuals Who Have Completed NAMEPA's CSR/ESG Program:

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