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Crisis or Change??NAMEPA Chooses Change One Habit/Change the World

One of the programs that we run at NAMEPA is our “Adopt a Ship” campaign, where a classroom “adopts” a commercial ship and corresponds with an officer on board as they travel the world.  A recent exchange had a 3rd grader asking how much the ship cost (about $60 million for that budding shipowner).  Another student asked about the wave state, and the captain responded “the answer to your question is we both experienced  water smooth and  rough waves while underway going to TUXPAN, MEXICO from AMSTERDAM” and included a photo from the bridge of the ship:





As we all get through the COVID-19 crisis, I ask that you take the time to think about how your goods and energy get to you, and the mariners bringing them who are unable to get home because the coronavirus has shut down crew exchanges. 

Be well and safe,

Carleen and the NAMEPA Change Team 


Repurpose your paper towel and toilet paper rolls!

Don't toss out that center toilet paper or paper towel roll, repurpose it! Turn trash into treasure! Empty rolls are great for on-the-spot arts and crafts projects. Make a rocket, use them to organize crayons, create superheros, octopus. . . The possibilities are endless! Send us your creations at

K-12 Annual Art Contest Activity

Have you submitted your original creative poster illustrating actions the shipping industry is undertaking for the future of our planet?!

The NAMEPA annual art calendar contest is open and accepting submissions! Kids (K-12) are challenged to come up with a creative image(s) depicting sustainable actions the shipping industry is undertaking or what it can do for the sustainable future of our planet.  12 finalists (6 from each age group) will be selected and 2 grand prize winners will be awarded. Don’t wait! The contest is open through May 31, 2020. 

For complete "Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Future" art contest guidelines, submission instructions, prize details, and more information about the maritime shipping industry, visit

If you have additional questions about the contest, please

Spring Activity

Egg Carton Garden

Materials needed: 
- empty egg carton
- soil 
- seeds of local, native species! 

  1. Fill the carton with soil 
  2. Plant your seeds on the top of the soil, and gently tap so a small amount of soil barely covers the seed 
  3. Water each section
  4. Place in a sunny window! 
  5. Water each section daily, and check to see growth! 
  6. After noticeable growth, you can transplant them outdoors! 

Family Friendly Movies 

Finding Nemo

Dolphin Tale

Free Willie 

The Little Mermaid

Ice Age 

Happy Feet 



Family Friendly Documentaries

March of the Penguins

Blue Planet 1 and 2 

Planet Ocean

A Plastic Ocean 


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