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Humpback Whale & Calf

Confronting Underwater Noise Pollution

What is UNP? UNP, otherwise known as Underwater Noise Pollution, is the rising issue of anthropogenic (human-generated) noise that contaminates our oceans and its habitats. It is mainly caused by heavy use of explosives, oceanographic experiments, geophysical mapping, underwater construction,…

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Context for the Planet

Context for the PlanetLast week I was in California with our NAMEPA team visiting the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles along with meetings involving LAMI (Los Angeles Maritime Institute) Altasea, University of Southern California, and LA’s BEST (an…

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Microplastics – A Path Forward to Action

NAMEPA was invited to attend the Microplastics - A Path Forward to Action workshop at Draper in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Draper, a non-profit science and engineering organization, hosted the workshop to bring together professionals in the field of plastic pollution, aquaculture, policy, advocacy,…

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