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The overall aim of a marine environment protection association (MEPA) is to increase environmental awareness and motivation of people within shipping and/or land-based industries, and the wider public and school community, through cooperation with international organizations and the adoption of public awareness campaigns respectively. Click here for more information.


International Marine Environment Protection Association

Most of the objectives of this association are similar to those set out by the 1982 HELMEPA Inaugural Declaration of Voluntary Commitment “To Save the Seas”. In particular, INTERMEPA, independent of “politics of any nation or nations”, is to foster the voluntary cooperation of its members in order to:

  • Encourage the effective compliance of the members of every MEPA with the national and international laws and regulations adopted for the protection of the marine environment from pollution;
  • Conduct a uniform public awareness campaign with top priority to offer young schoolchildren in every MEPA’s country a specially designed education on the marine environmental and the ways to prevent its pollution;
  • Create and promote safety mindedness and security spirit within the industrial sectors in each country that are voluntarily enlisting as members in every MEPA;
  • Enhance quality standards and professional competence throughout each MEPA’s memberhip and especially the members from within the maritime community, with the means of a concerted training effort to educate and inform all, from the owner to the youngest employee of every participating company;
  • Cooperate with International Organizations, i.e. UNEP, the United Nations Environment Program, IMO, the International Maritime Organization, E.U., the European Union as well as national agencies, i.e. Coast Guards, Port Authorities, Tourist Boards and any other entity whose aims coincide with those of INTERMEPA;
  • Promote relationships and/or partnerships with educational institutions (schools, Colleges, Universities, Maritime Academies and other) to further spread the MEPA voluntary commitment within today’s youth who are the world’s future scientists, engineers, managers, politicians etc;
  • Publicly recognize individuals, associations, organizations, companies and any other that demonstrate outstanding achievements in the field of the protection of the marine environment from pollution;
  • Promote and spread the MEPA philosophy in other countries.



Australian Marine Environment Protection Association

The Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA) was launched on 13 July 2000 at Newstead House; on the banks of the Brisbane River. A declaration of a voluntary commitment ‘to save the seas’ was signed by a number of individuals representing a wide range of shipping industry, government and non government organizations who were committed to protecting Australia’s precious marine environment.

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Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association


The principal aim of the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association (CYMEPA) is to encourage and actively assist effective efforts to prevent all forms of pollution of the sea. The Association also helps seafarers and executives to be more aware of safety and the protection of the marine environment. CYMEPA also operates extensive public awareness campaigns.

News from CYMEPA


Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association


As a voluntary non-profit and non-governmental organization founded within the shipping industry by Greek seafarers and shipowners, we offer people the opportunity to learn the meaning of “the marine environment” and how our life depends on it.

The Association’s Environmental Awareness Sector of HELMEPA provides the wider public and especially younger generations with educational information and education on the real dimensions of marine pollution and our share of responsibility for its generation as well as elimination.

Even if few are those who respond positively, at least younger generations will be assisted in avoiding the repetition of the mistakes made by this generation.

News from HELMEPA



Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association


TURMEPA’s mission is to contribute to the preservation of seas and coasts as a national priority and to create a country that has reached sustainable development goals for future generations.


Taking its strength from public support, TURMEPA’s vision is to become the most effective force behind the implementation and execution of national and international laws and treaties for the protection of seas and coasts.


Ukrainian Marine Environment Protection Association


UKRMEPA’s main goal is to consolidate the capabilities of members of the Organization for the advancement of the marine environment and the coastal zone of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, as the basis for the existence and further development of civil society.

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MEPA Junior Websites

NAMEPA Junior: Includes educational articles, information about marine life, and activities such as games, crafts and science projects

HELMEPA Junior: Includes news on the association’s activities and games for kids designed to inspire them to get involved in protecting the marine environment

UKRMEPA Junior: Includes educational activities and crafts for kids on the marine environment


Educational Resources

AUSMEPA: Curriculum Units for Teachers – This page provides educators with educational resources on various topics on the marine environment, including ships and ports, climate change, stormwater pollution, and marine pests and threats.

Marine Conservation Research Material – This page contains research material for different topics on the marine environment, as well as marine conservation projects and a photo library

HELMEPA: Educational Publications – This page contains educational publications on marine debris and educational activities for students

General Publications – This page contains HELMEPA’s Annual Report, newsletters, debris posters, etc.

NAMEPA: Education Page – Check out our education page for educational powerpoint presentations, brochures/handouts, videos, and more!

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