NAMEPA Seaworthy News: Spring 2024

The United States is the largest trading nation in the world—yet has one of the smallest maritime footprints. With the myriad of competing interests in our country, the maritime agenda, and corresponding allocation of resources, gets buried—until a container ship hits a bridge.

Clearly maritime needs to amplify its voice. At every conference, we bemoan our image (or lack thereof) yet do nothing to change it. Other maritime nations have recognized the need to bring a focus on our industry by creating Maritime Weeks (think Singapore, London, et. al). Now it is our turn!

🌊📄 Read the Spring 2024 issue of the NAMEPA Seaworthy News to explore:

  • Our CEO’s message
  • National Maritime Week
  • NAMEPA in the field
  • Industry happenings
  • Educational activities
  • and more…

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