Lessons from the Dali-Francis Scott Key Bridge Tragedy

Last week’s tragedy of the Dali’s allision with the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore illuminates how quickly life can change. From a container ship proceeding on its route providing routine transportation services, to the unfortunate loss of souls and collapse of primary infrastructure, nothing in life is truly static.

The accident also underscores the critical relationship of the maritime industry to our society. Maritime security reaches every aspect of our lives, from national security (the inability for key Ready Reserve Force assets to leave port), to economic security and the transportation of vital goods and energy. Even food security is impacted with agricultural equipment losing its direct outlet to markets.

As we reflect on identifying causes and lessons learned from this tragedy, let’s also recognize how dependent we are on our maritime transportation system and work towards supporting it! Perhaps that is our Phoenix rising from the ashes!

– Carleen Lyden Walker, CEO & Co-Founder, NAMEPA

Courtesy FBI Baltimore Field Office

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