Scorpio Tankers Inc. Proudly Awarded the 2023 Maritime Sustainability Passport® Certificate and Seal by NAMEPA

We are thrilled to announce that Scorpio Tankers Inc. is the latest recipient of the Maritime Sustainability Passport® Certificate and Seal as they have successfully fulfilled all the requirements of the MSP Program.

The MSP Program, anchored in NAMEPA’s six Transparency Pillars—Waste Management, GHG Emissions, Education, Technology, Social, and Governance—rigorously assesses organizations based on their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics. Scorpio Tankers Inc. has exemplified excellence in these areas, demonstrating full compliance with each pillar and solidifying their role as a proactive leader in promoting responsible maritime practices.

As a premier product tanker company, Scorpio Tankers Inc. not only excels in the transportation of refined petroleum products but also leads the way in operating a modern, efficient fleet. Their vessels are designed for enhanced performance and safety while minimizing environmental impact, aligning with the company’s forward-looking vision.

The Maritime Sustainability Passport® (MSP) Program, a collaborative creation by NAMEPA and ESGplus LLC, emerged as an innovative assessment tool tailored for the maritime sector. Since its launch in June 2020, this tool has enabled various industry stakeholders, including companies, associations, educators, and individuals, to gauge and improve their adherence to ESG principles.

To learn more about NAMEPA’s MSP Program, visit our website or email  with any relevant questions. To protect the proprietary information of the qualifying companies, NAMEPA offers a non-disclosure agreement.

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