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NAMEPA Joins Ocean Decade U.S. Nexus – International Efforts to “Save Our Seas” Continue to Grow

September 9, 2021 – Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), has announced that NAMEPA has become the newest member of the Ocean Decade U.S. Nexus. NAMEPA is proud to be a Nexus organization and a part of the United Nation’s Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, promoting ocean science, policy and management for sustainable development. Through international cooperation, the Decade will bolster scientific research and innovative technologies to ensure science responds to all the needs of society, creating a collaborative network that will work to “Save Our Seas.”  

“The oceans are part of the global commons, requiring a collective coordinated approach to identifying and implementing solutions for sustainability,” stated Ms. Walker.  “We are honored to be invited to join this network committed to “Save Our Seas”

The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development was created out of the recognition that there needs to be drastic change and effort to reverse the continued decline in ocean health and to create more opportunities for the development of sustainable practices for the ocean, seas, and coasts. The UN Decade of Ocean Science recognizes that science-informed mitigation and adaptation policies for global change are urgently needed, but neither science nor policy-makers can accomplish that alone. Working at the convergence of conservation and commerce, NAMEPA perfectly aligns with Nexus’s goals to support the delivery of the information, action and solutions needed to achieve the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development. 

The Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development will provide framework for achieving a number of high level scientific outcomes, these may be clustered around: capacity building and accelerated technology transfer, training and education, ocean literacy; ocean in earth-system observation, research and prediction, supported by human sciences and economic valuation; comprehensive digital atlas of the ocean; comprehensive ocean observing system for major basins; quantitative understanding of ocean ecosystems and their functioning as the basis for their management and adaptation; data and information portal; integrated multi-hazard warning system.  

NAMEPA is excited to begin their participation in the Ocean Decade U.S. Nexus as a collaborator bringing expertise in promoting sustainable maritime industry best practices and marine environment education programming. With an established relationship with the maritime industry, regulators, conservationists, communities, seafarers and students, NAMEPA is uniquely positioned to engage with stakeholders on the importance of the balance between commerce and conservation. NAMEPA has developed educational programming on protecting the marine environment and the importance of the human element in pollution prevention to educators, students, seafarers and communities on a global basis. NAMEPA works to educate people of all ages to inspire them to use knowledge and understanding of global ocean resources to become better ocean stewards, their participation in Nexus will allow them to grow their efforts and collaborate with even more international players.  



 The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources. Visit us at: 


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