NAMEPA Collaborates with Veson Nautical to highlight next steps towards a sustainable maritime industry

March 15, 2021––On March 24, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) and Veson Nautical will host a webinar featuring a panel discussion with stakeholders from multiple aspects of the industry to suggest steps to combat climate change. The panel will discuss a series of topics, including the challenges of sustainability, the importance of collaboration, and technology’s role in empowering sustainable decisions within the maritime industry. Its panelists will be NAMEPA’s own Co-Founder and Executive Director, Carleen Lyden Walker, Veson’s Product Specialist, Valeria Surk, ESGPlus’ CEO, Anuj Chopra, and Eagle Bulk Shipping’s Business Application Manager, Joyce Wang.

“Multiple webinars and virtual events call for collaboration. Indeed, these events frequently indicate that cooperation between industry sectors is the path to creating a more sustainable future. They are right” stated Ms. Walker. “For the industry to progress towards a more ecologically and economically viable future, it needs representatives from every sector working together to facilitate, coordinate and execute the plans, initiatives and, finally, achieve their goals.”

NAMEPA and Veson Nautical’s partnership on this project is precisely the kind of increased collaboration that the industry needs in a crucial time for collaborative efforts to make the most impact. Rising pressures from regulators and the effects of climate change force maritime shipping stakeholders to prioritize global action towards sustainability.

This particular panel discussion focuses on approaches to help the maritime industry mitigate its impacts on the natural environment. The maritime industry cannot achieve sustainability without collaboration with stakeholders, scientists, regulators, designers and ship owners alike. Collaboration promotes the identification of critical problems and questions and can serve to address them. At this joint event, people will be able to discuss, debate, network and collaborate on current and future projects.

One of the highlights will be a discussion of Veson Nautical’s IMOS Platform (VIP) a leading platform for freight and fleet management which provides maritime decision-makers with valuable information for their digital investments. Together with NAMEPA’s clear frameworks for industry best practices and maritime stakeholders, the discussions that occur can bring relevant and worthy insight to the industry and on the next steps it needs to take.

Sustainability does not have to be one thing at one time. Every action matters. A ship does not have to have all of its emissions to zero just yet, but that does not mean that every reduction does not matter and that achieving zero emissions is impossible. And while there are various viewpoints on how to get to zero-emissions and what technologies should and should not be used, that is precisely why open and frequent communication among industry sectors is vital for progress. Through NAMEPA and Veson Nautical’s panel discussion, the industry can further its efforts toward sustainability.

The webinar will take place on March 24 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m EST. More information, including how to register, can be found here.

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