2018 Marine Science Call for Papers Competition:

Awarding the Next Generation of America’s Marine Innovators

In January 2018, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) and the American Salvage Association’s (ASA) Education Committee joined forces once again to launch their annual Marine Sciences: Call for Papers Competition. Running for its 7th consecutive year, the program opens the door for students to demonstrate their passion in the Marine Sciences by participating in the program either individually or as a team. The initiative is intended to highlight the importance of preserving the marine environment through the use of sound environmental practices, raise awareness of the art and science of marine salvage and engineering, and to promote careers within the greater maritime industry. Each paper is reviewed by a technical committee of maritime and marine industry experts and is evaluated on a wide range of criteria including originality, data collection, supporting evidence, and tangibility within the real-world environment. Winning entries are awarded a monetary scholarship award to be allocated towards furthering the students research and education. 

Each year the panel of judges, whom are drawn from a wide range of technical disciplines across various maritime and marine organizations, reflect on the submissions received and the promise each brings to the future of the marine industry. The panel also takes time to develop a judging statement which is later shared with each student participant so to encourage further project development and research. An extract from the panel’s collective comments stated that “judging the number and quality of research submissions represented in this year’s Annual Marine Sciences Competition was by far one of the most challenging and demanding endeavors the panel has faced to date. We are continuously looking to award young individuals who fearlessly tinker on their own, through new research and experiments, to achieve a greater understanding of complex subjects. Each submission this year was undoubtingly reflective of this.”

The competition is traditionally divided into two groups for monetary scholarship prizes: High School 9-12th grades and College/University undergraduate students. Each winner is subsequently invited to accept their award at a marine industry function of either the ASA and/or NAMEPA. As per tradition, this year’s scholarship recipients have been invited to attend NAMEPA’s Annual Conference and Awards Dinner in New York City aboard the historic M/V HORNBLOWER INFINITY whereby they will have an opportunity to bring exposure to their hard work and research, and network with highly regarded industry professionals.  Over 100 high profile industry representatives from across the marine industry will gather at this event, on Thursday, October 25th, to examine how ethical, strategical, and sustainable corporate social responsibility measures will benefit organizations and the maritime industry at large, while raising their glasses to an abundance of industry and student award recipients.


Winners of the 2018 Call for Papers: Marine Sciences Competition

1st Place: Kyle Bramblett of Titusville High School

Submission Title: Designing an Improved Method of Shellfish Restoration: Increasing Shell Growth by Using Calcite Media to Increase Calcium and Carbonate levels in Waters Containing Oyster Restoration Cages

2nd Place: Sydney Sinclair of Edgewood Junior-Senior High School

Submission Title: Peaceful Propellers

3rd Place: Jessica Thummel of Edgewood Junior-Senior High School

Submission Title: Effects of Acidifying pH Levels on Bisphenol-A Effects on Embryonic Development of Echinoidea

Students Awarded Honorable Mention include:

High School Student Category: Nana Firdausi Ize Umar, a foreign exchange student from Falmouth High School

Submission Title: Ocean Acidification and Warming Oceans: The Effects of Varying pH and Temperature on the Hatching, Survivorship, and Shells of Marine Calcifiers

Undergraduate Student Category: Nathaniel Campbell of Savannah State University

Submission Title: Effects of insecticides Altosid® and BTI on survival and growth of larval eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica

About the North American Marine Environment Protection Association:

The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources. For more information, go to www.namepa.net

About the American Salvage Association’s Education Committee:

The American Salvage Association's (ASA) Education Committee is committed to promoting general maritime industry interest with a focus on marine salvage, and to help develop maritime industry expertise through interactive experience with ASA salvage professionals. The Committee's goal is to support career development in all maritime disciplines inclusive of, but not limited to, the development of both licensed and unlicensed seafarers, encouragement for licensed officers to reach senior officer status and to gain experience at sea. For non-seafarers, the promotion of math, sciences, engineering, naval architecture, diving, environmental sciences, robotics, marine insurance, maritime law, ocean engineering, accounting, logistics, and other related fields. www.americansalvage.org

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