Video: The Ocean Cleanup Trial Success

Video: The Ocean Cleanup Trial Success



BY MAREX 2018-10-07 19:48:49

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The NGO The Ocean Cleanup has released video footage of its System 001's Pacific trials.

Tests conducted with the help of a Maersk Supply Service offshore tug were successful, fulfilling key requirements for the 600-meter snake-shaped system, like its u-shaped formation; its speed through the water; its ability to reorient itself when wind and wave directions change; and its resistance to damage in the harsh Pacific Ocean environment. 

“There has never been a cleanup system of this magnitude deployed in the ocean,” said Founder and CEO Boyan Slat. “Therefore, continual testing is integral to our design process. We first had to learn as much as we could through scale model testing, North Sea prototypes, and computer modeling, but, because of the size and nature of our project, some things must be thrown into the deep end of the water, or the Pacific.”

There was no significant damage recorded during the test. The system is intact, and all major components are still functioning. The skirt, however, did incur some damage. It was observed upon arrival to the Pacific Trials destination, that there were two tears in the material above one of the ballast weights. It was concluded that this is likely resulting from the safety line connection when the screen was hoisted in the Seaplane Lagoon. Repair has not been possible due to the placement and accessibility, but, neither tear worsened during the trial period. 

The System 001 is now expected to be towed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The journey will take up to three weeks.

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