Environmental Education is Key to Clean, Green Port

 Port of Linaria, Skyros
Port of Linaria, Skyros

Education is the core element in molding minds to make informed decisions that benefit a healthy environment. Constantina Skanavis, Head of the Research Center of Environmental Communication and Education at the University of the Aegean was the “Programs Around the Planet” speaker at NAMEPA’s 2017 Annual Conference. She has developed a multi-faceted program to combine environmental education and stewardship in Greece. Project Skyros addresses the issues of pollution in port cities and the degradation of marine ecosystems.

A goal of environmental education is to cultivate a generation of environmental stewards who can further spread awareness to entire communities. Project Skyros offers a camp that challenges young students on environmental problems, utilizing the port of Linaria as a laboratory and living classroom. Topics include: biodiversity, endangered species, natural disasters, renewable energy, waste management, and more. Project Skyros includes workshops to train educators to better engage students in complex environmental issues. Additionally, the port of Linaria developed solutions to reduce pollution such as educational signage, electric vehicles, LED lights, and a maritime tourism observatory. This program has sparked societal changes and developed environmental literacy in people of all ages, encouraging citizens to become better environmental stewards through education. Project Skyros accomplishes the goal of utilizing education to instate positive change.

Project Skyros and the port of Linaria have been recognized for its sustainable innovation, including the Gold award for “The Blue Port with Shade of Green” from the National Environmental Awards. The most impressive part of Project Skyros is that it is a repeatable program model than can be implemented in other areas to help “Save Our Seas”!

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