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International Chamber of Shipping Statement on IMO’s ‘Road Map’ for CO2 Reduction from Ships

by gCaptain 10/31/2016

  courtesy of gCaptain

courtesy of gCaptain

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has applauded the agreement, last Friday, by the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) to develop a comprehensive Road Map for addressing CO2 emissions from international shipping – with initial CO2 reduction commitments to be agreed by IMO by 2018.

ICS Secretary General, Peter Hinchliffe, said:

“The adoption of the Road Map is a significant decision by IMO Member States that will give further impetus to the substantial CO2 reductions that are already being delivered by technical and operational measures, and the binding global CO2 reduction regulations for shipping adopted by IMO in 2011, four years before the Paris Agreement.”

However, ICS says the IMO Road Map will go much further than the Paris Agreement.

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